QOTW: Why is my heart rate too high?

By Bethany Rutledge This week’s QOTW was inspired by the question asked by most beginners at one time or another. Variations of the question include “Is my heart rate too (fast, slow, high, low). ” Here, we seek to get to the root of the issue which is heart rate without context. If you look […]

Energy Lab Monthly Report: June

By Bethany Rutledge The month has flown by and we have a lot of great results to report from our star athletes: Congratulations to Andy Smith, who had a fantastic, well executed race at 2017 Ironman 70.3 Coeur d’Alene yesterday! Nice work, Andy. Great job to everyone who raced at the Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon this […]

QOTW: Which Cadence Should I Target?

By bethany What cadence should I ride? This is a common question from new cyclists faced with a host of new data, when before they may have just been focused on mph and cadence as their only two metrics for measuring their cycling performance. Cadence alone won’t get you anywhere. If you’ve been to a […]

Energy Lab Instructors Give Us Ways to Wake Up for an Early Morning Workout

By bethany Unless you have a flexible or nontraditional work schedule, something every dedicated athlete must face, at least occasionally, is the prospect of training early in the morning. It can be tough to wake up knowing others are still snug in their beds. But how best to make it happen? This week’s question is […]

How To: Complain Properly About a Disappointing Race Result

Have you ever had a bad race? Duh. If you're been training or racing more than two seconds, of course you have! And anticipating the possibility of a future not-perfect race leads us to an important training step you have missed-  setting up your post race excuses. I originally wrote "How to properly complain about a [...]

What Chattanooga 70.3 Meant to Me

It took me awhile to absorb the full impact of what Chattanooga 70.3 meant to be this year. For starters, it was the first ‘big’ race where I truly felt like myself in a few years. Now I feel like I keep saying that but the truth is, it’s hard to remember what feeling good […]

Why Every Adult Should Play a Sport

From the cradle to the grave, life is all about competition. As much as we try to smooth it over, to sugar coat things, and to promote the values of teamwork, competition is part of our genes. For those of us who grew up in generation x or y, thus mostly insulated from survival urgency, […]

Energy Lab Weekend Report: May 20 – 21st

What an amazing day in Chattanooga. I was so proud of all of our athletes who absolutely rocked it out there! Not only was I impressed with everyone’s performances, I was also super impressed with everyone’s attitudes. I am very thankful for the amazing community and family we have here. Link over to the full […]