The Courage to Tri: Kat Gurd

I've had some great interviews these past few weeks for The Courage to Tri. The Courage to Tri is my upcoming book which will be part inspiration and part how- to for women who are interested in crossing their first finish line. The inspiration piece will feature many women in our community who have overcome obstacles and [...]

Catching Up: On Turning 36 and #IM703WC

I can’t believe I’m actually 36. Does everyone say that?   It was only the other day that I was celebrating my 5th birthday at Chuckie Cheese. That was the biggest parenting win, because I still remember it as being my absolute favorite birthday.  Then I was 16, then 18, then 21. All birthdays that seem […]

Inside Tips to Rock IRONMAN Augusta 70.3

I enjoyed putting together this guide to IRONMAN Augusta 70.3. After all these years it’s still my favorite 70.3 How about you?   I think I’ve done Augusta in some form or fashion basically every year except one year when we went to Chattanooga instead. I have crushed it, PR’d it,  relayed it (pre- blog), and […]

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IVF Update: The 12 Steps of Freezing Your Eggs

Here’s the short version of the update. Egg retrieval attempt #1 was a bust, and it was frustrating. Now we’re about to start round 2!   The upside of having little response to the stimulation meds is I felt pretty fantastic the whole time. Not like run-a-marathon fantastic but my brain felt sharp and I almost […]

IVF Day 10: What Does Good Look Like?

In any goal oriented activity, it’s important to ask yourself what good looks like. When I was in the corporate world, this was a huge buzz phrase, we were constantly studying the habits of successful salespeople to find behaviors we could emulate.   The process continues when you start working for yourself and is amplified […]

IVF Update and How Lance Screwed Up His Doping Protocol

It's been over a week since my last confession. :) First of all I just want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has reached out thus far after my initial post about IVF. I was able to reconnect with people I haven't spoken to or seen for many years, which was awesome. [...]

It’s Race Week and the Race Specific Phase All at Once

Over the last several months, my life has undergone some changes. The overarching theme is I get to spend a lot more of my time being creative than ever before and have a couple of things in the works as a result. And not only is it race week for one of these projects, it’s […]