Energy Lab July Race Results

By Bethany Rutledge Congrats to Nate Larson, who completed his very first Olympic Triathlon at Richard B. Russell State Park, on his birthday no less. Nice work, Nate! Sergio Sanchez placed 3rd AG at Ironman 70.3 Manta! Congrats, Sergio!! Belated congratulations to #teampodium‘s Bryan Joseph Wells for a great performance and 4th AG at the […]

QOTW: What are some best practices for keeping up my running during tri season?

By Bethany Rutledge If you identify primarily as a runner who does triathlons, then no doubt it’s very important to you to keep up your run performances, even while also training for triathlon. The good news is, this can be done. However, there are several common mistakes runners often make along the way. In a […]

QOTW: Why is my heart rate too high?

By Bethany Rutledge This week’s QOTW was inspired by the question asked by most beginners at one time or another. Variations of the question include “Is my heart rate too (fast, slow, high, low). ” Here, we seek to get to the root of the issue which is heart rate without context. If you look […]

QOTW: Which Cadence Should I Target?

By bethany What cadence should I ride? This is a common question from new cyclists faced with a host of new data, when before they may have just been focused on mph and cadence as their only two metrics for measuring their cycling performance. Cadence alone won’t get you anywhere. If you’ve been to a […]

Energy Lab Instructors Give Us Ways to Wake Up for an Early Morning Workout

By bethany Unless you have a flexible or nontraditional work schedule, something every dedicated athlete must face, at least occasionally, is the prospect of training early in the morning. It can be tough to wake up knowing others are still snug in their beds. But how best to make it happen? This week’s question is […]

Bethany Rutledge: 5 Tips at 12 Weeks Out

Augusta 70.3 is 12 weeks away! This year I’m competing to raise money for the Scott Rigsby Foundation and am serving as their volunteer coach. I wrote up this piece for them however, this advice can apply to anyone with an event looming. Check it ou!   From the Energy Lab Blog By bethany Whether […]

Introducing Coach Carrie Smith

By bethany Energy Lab is very excited to announce that we have a new coach, Coach Carrie Smith! Carrie is returning to coaching after a long break and is excited to apply her years of coaching experience to serve athletes of all levels. Read more about Carrie’s background below: Carrie returns to multisport coaching after […]

Introducing Energy Lab 2015

I couldn’t wait to share about all the changes going on at Energy Lab. Check them out! By bethany It’s time to get fitter, faster, and further than ever before. Energy Lab can help by offering a comprehensive training option for starting off the season strong! Make your plans now- check out details below on […]