Energy Lab July Race Results

By Bethany Rutledge Congrats to Nate Larson, who completed his very first Olympic Triathlon at Richard B. Russell State Park, on his birthday no less. Nice work, Nate! Sergio Sanchez placed 3rd AG at Ironman 70.3 Manta! Congrats, Sergio!! Belated congratulations to #teampodium‘s Bryan Joseph Wells for a great performance and 4th AG at the […]

QOTW: What are some best practices for keeping up my running during tri season?

By Bethany Rutledge If you identify primarily as a runner who does triathlons, then no doubt it’s very important to you to keep up your run performances, even while also training for triathlon. The good news is, this can be done. However, there are several common mistakes runners often make along the way. In a […]

Energy Lab Advanced: How to bike faster outside and inside

By Bethany Rutledge In a recently reposted Triathlete Mag article, I explored the idea of going faster (outside) on the bike with less effort. Specifically, we looked at the effects of power, weight, and aerodynamics and how each factor contributes to speed. You can read an excerpt and link over below: What is a realistic […]

QOTW: How Do I Pick My First Triathlon?

By Bethany Rutledge How should you pick your very first (or next) race? There are so many great races these days it can be overwhelming to choose. Plus there are the factors, of race distance or timing which expand or limit the options further. Let’s look at some factors to consider below: Distance– We all […]

QOTW: What equipment do I NEED for my first triathlon?

By Bethany Rutledge Overwhelmed at the though of gear and gadgets needed for tri? Today, in the first part of our series, we’ll explore the equipment you actually need for your first triathlon. In the next part of the series, we’ll explore extra equipment that supports your training as you continue to train and race. […]

QOTW: Why is my heart rate too high?

By Bethany Rutledge This week’s QOTW was inspired by the question asked by most beginners at one time or another. Variations of the question include “Is my heart rate too (fast, slow, high, low). ” Here, we seek to get to the root of the issue which is heart rate without context. If you look […]

QOTW: How Do I Run Easy?

By Bethany Rutledge It’s been a few weeks since we’ve posted a QOTW, but this week’s is a good one. Anonymous athlete asked the following question: How do you run easy? I keep messing it up. I don’t want to go too easy, but usually end up drifting into the grey faster area. Mix in […]

Bethany Rutledge: Why it Pays to be a Newb

By Bethany Rutledge As a new endurance athlete, it’s easy to focus on wanting to be a vet. But there are some great advantages to being a newbie! Check out some of them on the Podium Multisport Blog! …read more Source: Energy Lab