QOTW: Why is my heart rate too high?

By Bethany Rutledge This week’s QOTW was inspired by the question asked by most beginners at one time or another. Variations of the question include “Is my heart rate too (fast, slow, high, low). ” Here, we seek to get to the root of the issue which is heart rate without context. If you look […]

QOTW: How Do I Run Easy?

By Bethany Rutledge It’s been a few weeks since we’ve posted a QOTW, but this week’s is a good one. Anonymous athlete asked the following question: How do you run easy? I keep messing it up. I don’t want to go too easy, but usually end up drifting into the grey faster area. Mix in […]

Bethany Rutledge: Why it Pays to be a Newb

By Bethany Rutledge As a new endurance athlete, it’s easy to focus on wanting to be a vet. But there are some great advantages to being a newbie! Check out some of them on the Podium Multisport Blog! …read more Source: Energy Lab

Energy Lab Weekend Report: May 6 – 14

By Bethany Rutledge Energy Lab coaches and athlete enjoyed great weather and some speedy racing at Tri The Mountains – Triathlon Club, Blue Ridge, GA this weekend. – #teampodium‘s Alan Schwartzwald PR’d at Tri the Mountains by nearly 8′ with a bike split 5′ faster than last year! – #teampodium’s Sarah McLean PR’d by 7′ […]

Energy Lab Weekend Report: April 29 – 30th

By Bethany Rutledge We had some outstanding racing this weekend! For many it was the first big multisport race of the year! Xterra Fort Yargo After two races in the past two weekends, Mark Smith still was able to best his time by nearly 5′ from last year @ Xterra Fort Yargo Triathlon! Nice work! […]

Getting Started After a Break

By Bethany Rutledge Getting started anew can be tough for many reasons, but one mental reason is the frustration of comparing yourself with your fitness before before versus now. Whether you’re struggling with extra pounds or just a big gap in your aerobic power or pace, here are a few quick tips for starting back. […]

QOTW: How Can I Incorporate Real Food in Training and Racing, Part 1?

By Bethany Rutledge For our question of the week, we turned to our resident nutritionist, Ilana Katz of Optimal Nutrition for Life. In part 1, she talks about some of the benefits of incorporating real food into your training and racing. In part 2 next week, we’ll delve into specific meal ideas, and in part […]