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The Courage to Tri: Allie Bachelder

Allie Bachelder is a mom of four, swim coach, and avid triathlete. Living in the small town of Decorah Iowa, Allie didn’t know anyone involved in triathlon when she first started tri-ing.

Since, I’ve remained impressed with Allie. She’s overcome hardship and has some great advice for women looking to tackle their first finish line. More about Allie below:


What’s been your highlight in the sport thus far?

I qualified for USAT nationals in 2014 which was the first year I started racing triathlons. At the time, I  didn’t understand what it was but I was super happy to have that accomplishment. It is also a huge highlight every time you cross a finish line of a race. The feelings of gratitude and adrenaline are undescribable. “I think my challenges are the same as many other challenges people face when it comes to doing triathlons. Time is a big factor for training for iron distance races. I have four children ages 2 to 15 which creates a busy schedule. I get up very early to get the workouts in because I know if I let the day get started there is a good chance I will not get the training in that I need to be successful.

Another challenge I faced when I started triathlons in 2014 was feeling very isolated in the tri world. I didn’t know much about triathlons when I signed up for my first 70.3 and I didn’t know anyone who had ever raced one previously. I live in a very rural area in Iowa which made training lonely and cold at times. Since then, I have met so many great people on this journey and our town now has many more people interested and racing triathlons.


How did you get started in triathlon?

The first thing I did when I signed up for my very first race (Kansas 70.3) was to find a coach. My mom had contact with a life coach and said she thought her daughter was very involved with coaching triathletes. Being I knew NOTHING about triathlons at this point I did a little research and found Bethany! This was a huge benefit as she educated me and trained me on everything triathlon related. Being I live in Iowa this was done all over the internet and phone calls but it worked great.
Another obstacle was getting a bike and figuring out the ins and outs of a tri bike vs a road bike ect. Bethany educated me on how to get a bike fit done and my local bike shop hooked me up with a awesome tri bike that I still race on!” I really never doubted myself in the triathlon world. I came from a strong swimming background so I knew I would be fine in the swim portion of the race. I knew I could make it and finish triathlons but I really never thought I would be able to qualify for some other races while doing it. I really struggle with the run portion of the race so that is what I really need to be focusing on now in the off season!


Who’s been your greatest inspiration and support in the sport thus far?

My husband. I am who I am today because of some very difficult times in life. Life gives us all hard times and I chose to take that and make me stronger.

After my divorce I decided to pour my life into myself and my kids. It was at that moment I decided I needed to be the best version of myself possible which has influenced my racing it a big way. I believe this is a daily process and not an end goal. I use this in coaching and racing as well. Each day am I doing the best I can to be the best I can be and if so when race day comes I will be prepared and I have nothing to be nervous about.


What tips would you offer to other women interested in tackling their first finish line?

Find your cheerleader in life. I was remarried to an amazing man in 2010 who is my biggest supporter in life. He is at every race and helps me become a better person. This is a sport where you can not go alone. Find that person.

Another thing I always remember if you have a bad workout or maybe miss a workout get back after it the next day. It is OK!!! Sometimes this is not easy for very driven people but it is ok to give yourself some grace. I often struggle with this myself!” My passion is coaching and helping young athletes strive to their fullest potential. I grew up in a very small town in northeast Iowa and started swimming at 8 years old. I went to college for Nursing and practiced nursing for 10 years before I decided to stay at home with my kids.

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One thought on “The Courage to Tri: Allie Bachelder

  1. She preservers!!! Allie created her own High School swim team and her dad got his coaching certificate so she could compete!!!! She went to State! She trained in her back yard with a bungee cord he designed to get her work outs in! When she could drive she would get up at 5am to go to Luther College to get her work outs in! She looked bed in n a town 20 miles from Decorah growing up. She is now coaching her daughter with even more determination!

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