Energy Lab

Ready to improve your cycling? We’re working hard and having fun this winter at Energy Lab. Join us for testing, training, or a time trial! Check out some of our recent training articles below!

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Specifically customized to you

No generic classes or fuzzy targets. You will work at specific intensities based on your ‘magic number’ or one hour power. This type of targeted training takes the guesswork out of your rides. Don’t just hope you’re putting in the right work to get faster and in better shape, be 100% confident.

Progressive training

If you’re truly serious about improving your cycling ability then ourseries classes are where it’s at. You sign up in advance for weekly classes, same time every week. You will perform baseline testing to see where you’re starting from then the sky’s the limit to where you will go.

Just looking for a good workout?

We allow drop-ins in any of our classes held 2-3 times daily. Guaranteed to work with your current fitness level, whether you’re getting on a bike for the first time or a bona fide pro. Instructors will help you to hit the appropriate intensity levels and have an exciting one-of-kind experience. We’re so sure you’ll like it the first class is on us!

Results you can count on

Be confident in your training! Our use of power metrics ensures you have an objective way to measure progress. Our motivating, experienced instructors, music, and pumped up group environment will make you want to give it your all!

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