IVF Day 10: What Does Good Look Like?

In any goal oriented activity, it’s important to ask yourself what good looks like. When I was in the corporate world, this was a huge buzz phrase, we were constantly studying the habits of successful salespeople to find behaviors we could emulate.   The process continues when you start working for yourself and is amplified […]

IVF Update and How Lance Screwed Up His Doping Protocol

It's been over a week since my last confession. :) First of all I just want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has reached out thus far after my initial post about IVF. I was able to reconnect with people I haven't spoken to or seen for many years, which was awesome. [...]

It’s Race Week and the Race Specific Phase All at Once

Over the last several months, my life has undergone some changes. The overarching theme is I get to spend a lot more of my time being creative than ever before and have a couple of things in the works as a result. And not only is it race week for one of these projects, it’s […]

Energy Lab July Race Results

By Bethany Rutledge Congrats to Nate Larson, who completed his very first Olympic Triathlon at Richard B. Russell State Park, on his birthday no less. Nice work, Nate! Sergio Sanchez placed 3rd AG at Ironman 70.3 Manta! Congrats, Sergio!! Belated congratulations to #teampodium‘s Bryan Joseph Wells for a great performance and 4th AG at the […]

Confession: My Secret Training for an Unusual Event

I have a confession to make, I’ve been secret training for an event. And not just an ordinary event,  it’s a really long one. Longer than RAAM, or ultraman, or even the Tour. Training for this event is a little out of the ordinary compared to my usual two IRONMAN races a year. Instead, it […]

QOTW: What are some best practices for keeping up my running during tri season?

By Bethany Rutledge If you identify primarily as a runner who does triathlons, then no doubt it’s very important to you to keep up your run performances, even while also training for triathlon. The good news is, this can be done. However, there are several common mistakes runners often make along the way. In a […]

Energy Lab Advanced: How to Win the Race on The Swim

By Bethany Rutledge Triathletes typically love or hate the swim. Because swimming is so technique driven and an early adoption sport “adult onset swimmers” are disadvantaged from the start. Rarely are late onset swimmers able to rise to level of even an average swim team kid. The good news for the adult onset swimmers is […]

Should I Buy A Road Bike?

By Bethany Rutledge Thinking about adding a road bike to your arsenal? Wondering if it’s worth it? Triathlete Magazine recently posted last year’s article, “Why Triathletes Should Consider Buying A Road Bike.” In this article, we explored six ways a road bike can help you. For many years, I only had a tri bike, which […]