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The Courage to Tri: Lindsay Waibel

Lindsay Waibel – Overcoming the Pain of Divorce

From overcoming hardship to crossing a finish line


In her mid- thirties, Lindsay unexpectedly found herself facing a divorce.  Looking for something to improve her self- confidence, she secretly signed herself up for a half marathon four months away. She didn’t have a fancy training plan or much of a plan at all at first.

“I just put on my running shoes and see how far I could run, going further each time. “

" I had lost a little bit of who I was and I didn’t even realize it at the time


The half marathon was a big step to start with but Lindsay succeeded. And she loved it.  But after completing her goal Waibel found out that this accomplishment only represented a step and that she wanted more. 

Using that race as a stepping stone, Lindsay has since completed four marathons, an IRONMAN and more.  She has a few recommendations for those who may find themselves in a similar situation. “Believe in yourself and take the time to invest in yourself just half an hour a few times a week. You don’t have to start with a half marathon.”

Despite her success, Lindsay says looking back though she didn’t take advantage of one element that would have helped her sooner in her journey, the support of friends. Waibel says if she did everything over again she wouldn’t keep her initial entry a secret.

“Find friends to train with and be willing to take yourself out of your comfort zone” she says.  It was only after she finished and her photos went live on social media that she realized how much support she had all along her journey.

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  1. Thank you for sharing Lindsay’s story. She is our amazing daughter who has set goals for herself throughout the years and always worked hard at reaching those goals whether it was school, music, work, and now marathons and triathlons! She has always been a source of inspiration to us.

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