It’s Race Week and the Race Specific Phase All at Once

Over the last several months, my life has undergone some changes. The overarching theme is I get to spend a lot more of my time being creative than ever before and have a couple of things in the works as a result. And not only is it race week for one of these projects, it’s the race specific period for the other one. Which means I probably should tell people that I’m doing it. 🙂


First off,  It’s just a few days until Kathryn and I launch our amazing (we think) podcast, Grit and Dirt. In case you haven’t checked it out, head on over and get ready to be inspired by the awesome people we’ve featured thus far! For more background on the why behind the way you can check out my story and Kathryn’s story. So that’s the blog piece.  To kick things off with the actual podcast, we’re planning on starting with Meredith Atwood’s  interview Monday recorded earlier this week. For those (if there is anyone) who haven’t heard her before, she is poignant, funny, self- deprecating, all that good stuff. In short it was a great interview and I can’t wait to push it out there!


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So here’s the other news. I’m writing a book. And I plan to turn it in in about 12 weeks. It won’t be out till fall 2018 because that’s how these things go, but I just realized that it’s time to start putting some serious time into it again because it’s actually real. Here’s a little more info. It will be published by Meyer and Meyer Sport. Other authors include Jeff Galloway and Arthur Lydiard really no one you’ve ever heard of, so no pressure. 🙂


Although I’ve done plenty of writing for magazines, blogs, and the like, the world of book publishing is totally new to me. I had the privilege of co-authoring 180 Your Life From Tragedy to Triumph: A Woman’s Grief Guide with Mishael Porembsjki, but that was completely different. Since I was not in charge of the project I basically just wrote my sections and emailed them off without dealing with any of the nuts and bolts. 🙂


So for my book,  I actually signed the contract on Memorial Day weekend of this year, BUT it didn’t feel real before until I talked to my actual editor earlier this week about things like the format, timeline, and more. My official deadline per my contract is January 2018.  But after skyping with my editor Liz a few days ago, I realized that  in order to allow time for revisions I really should have the first draft turned in by November! This finally made it real to me when I counted the weeks and realized I am essentially in the ‘race specific phase’ of writing.


Fortunately the book contains material that is quite near and dear to me. It will be a part ‘how to’ guide for women interested in tackling their first finish line and part inspiration featuring women who’ve overcome many obstacles along the way to get across their finish line. Because I know so many inspiring women already, I am excited to use many of their stories in this book.

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