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Race Report Quick Catchup: Publix 13.1, Morningside Mile, Florida 70.3, Swimrun Georgia,

I can’t believe how time has flown by, and it’s already May! Lots of fun racing already this year, though it hasn’t felt like it. I have been having a lot more fun with racing this year, for one, because I finally am healthy and feel like ‘myself’ again.
However, things got off to somewhat of a rough start in March. After a winter run focus (after back burner-ing the run for years.. YEARS) I was excited to see what I had in the barn for the Publix half. I really thought I could PR (sub 1:28) and turn in a 1:26 or 7. Two weeks prior, I had done the Chattahoochee Road Runners 5k as a workout, really not rested at all, and turned in an 18:53, which is a 1″ PR. I really hadn’t known a PR was on the table, if I had I would have rested a bit more to Really go for something more than a second. Anyway, point being my hopes were up. You can probably see where this is going already.

Two nights before the race, John mentioned casually that he was feeling run down and his throat was scratchy. I put it out of my mind but as it happened the day of Publix was the day the great virus of 2017 hit. I knew something was ‘off’ in the first few miles and by mile four it was all I could do to jog to the finish. We were both pretty sick after that.. really just a lingering viral thing that persisted at a low to medium level till mid- April! By the way, the highlight of Publix was putting together five ATC teams for assisted relays with the Kyle Pease Foundation. It was an awesome experience for all in that respect! Also, Sarah unexpectedly (to her) PR’d which was pretty awesome!

Midway through March, we had set up a showdown with Team Podium at the Morningside Mile. Despite feeling a bit bad I hoped that I could pull it together for a mile, and I did! I was super pumped to pull together a 5:38 on the hilly course which was about 10″ faster than last time I attempted here. Amy Stanton and I got in a (friendly) run ‘battle’ the last few seconds which I think helped me give it my very best! Celia and Carolina also did great and were our other teammates for the event. On the guys side, we had Nathan Briggs, Charlie, Peter, and Tim Newberg. OA we ended up on top in the head to head battle.

Because of the repurcussions of said virus, by the time the BEST race in the world (Florida 70.3) rolled around, I had barely done any outdoor cycling and my CTL was pretty pathetic. Since, obviously I was going to cheer and support (several EL athletes racing), I opted to do the swimbike as a training day as I was just getting some momentum back with regular training. It was a great day and I got to see Carrie snag her spot to 70.3 Worlds and Andy achieve a PR!

A few weeks later, John and I participated in the swimrun Georgia which was fun by our friends Megan and Kathryn. It was an awesome event.. we didn’t really look at it as a race.. but we got in a lot of great swimming and trail running that day! There were a few directional snafus, but because of our attitudes we were able to laugh it off and spend a fun day with friends and training partners.


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